Ruina Montium @ Nadie, Nunca Nada No May, 2017, Madrid Spain.

  Over the exhibition the fountain rains onto the sandstone arches. The rain quickly erodes the arches, resulting in their inevitable collapse. Hour upon Hour is added to the sum. Time itself grows old. Pyramids, arches and obelisks are melting pillars of snow.

  Take a step back, look at time and space from afar. Akin to the final scene of Men in Black, our Universe is but a marble in a multiverse children's game.


  A viable example of the view of our universe from the outside. Hardened sand castle swaying in a hammock, being eroded by time. If it cannot be disproven, then its possibility stays intact.

  It’s a Trap: If a small sculpture is removed from the trigger, a reaction will begin. The balance will collapse, the rock will fall, the painting will engage trapping anything in its way.

  Bluetooth Speaker in Glass Tile, embeded in the floor of the gallery the visitor will find a glass brick. within the brick is a small bluetooth speaker sitting on a bed of blue sand. The speaker is playing an original composition that blends field recordings with a piano concert by Hugo Damin.

The composition can be listened to here:

Here’s how it works:

When you purchase one of Frankie’s Rocks, you are
actually purchasing two rocks! One for you to keep,
and its sister which will be buried somewhere
in Iceland. With every purchase the new
owner will receive a Collectors E-Certificate
with the exact coordinates of your rock
and a picture from it’s location. Each rock
is Unique and the pairing is limited to a
numbered edition of 1/30. Rocks will be
numbered within a base 9
numbering system created by the artist.
Naming option is available. 
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