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11"x14" Arctic Expedition Print Sale
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11"x14" Arctic Expedition Print Sale

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I have been awarded a position as an artist in residence on The Arctic Circle 2022 High Arctic Science and Art Expedition. I will be in Svalbard on an Icebreaker ship making photographs and videos of the ice and surrounding landscape. I'll be there at a unique time, when the Arctic region transitions from 24 hours of sunlight into 24 hours of night (October 15- Nov 5, 2022). 

Svalbard is a Norwegian archipelago in the Arctic Ocean 10 degrees latitude from the North Pole. The arctic is seeing the most direct impact of climate change, warming quicker than any other region on earth. Svalbard is experiencing the fastest warming in the entire Arctic. The pictures and videos I will make on this trip will be of landscapes and geologies that won't exist or will be drastically altered by the end of my life.

I am opening up a print sale to help raise money for my expedition. You may choose from any photograph on my website or instagram.

With the purchase of one of these prints you will be helping to offset some of the cost associated with the expedition travel and the specialized equipment I will be taking with me. 

Each print will be 11"x14" made on Archival Premium Luster Photo Paper. 

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